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intro 06-04-08 14:07
I am a Midwest girl, who has recently moved to sin city. I always had the sinning part down but know that i live in Las Vegas i have reached a whole new level. This morning as i lay in bed smelling the vodka coming out of my pores reflecting on the past months of events, i realize that these stories that i reluctantly call my life, needs to be told. I shouldn't wouldn't couldn't tell these embarrassing tid bits to my peers, social suicide. My sisters are the only ones that truly know everything (I love you girls). These little gray boxes will be used as my confessional. If you are offended by bodily functions, slight racism, anal sex, drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity, the word cunt, or any thing else please stop reading now. Every story I tell in these pages will be written accurately to the best of my ability because of the drunken state, or will be retold in my friends eyes "the next day". I will protect the unlucky individuals that are apart of my mess by changing their names. I look forward to feedback, and feel free to laugh at me.
xoxo snachface
Hello, 06-03-08 16:38
Hello my name is snachface. I'm new to elowel.